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Directory of Locations and Courts

Help for using this search

What can you find in the index of towns and courts?

The index contains links between towns in the Federal Republic of Germany and the competent district, state and higher regional courts and the public prosecution services.

Please note that international procedure means that depending on the matter in dispute another purely local court may be responsible. As a result, in certain cases there may be divergencies from the results shown.

If a different district court is responsible for family matters, dunning procedures, judicial sales, insolvency procedure, commercial register matters and those regarding cooperatives, associations and partnerships, this will be indicated. Further transferences of responsibilities have not yet been included.

The responsibilities of the specialist courts (industrial tribunals, fiscal, social and administrative courts) are also shown.

More precise information on the competency of the courts can be obtained from representatives of the legal consultation professions (solicitors, notaries, etc) or the court registry of your local district court.

How can the search for appropriate agencies be made to produce quick results?

State the jurisdiction, the town where you live and/or its postcode.


Use this selection field to restrict your search to the courts responsible for the selected jurisdiction.


To obtain the quickest possible result enter the five digits of the postcode.

You have also, however, the option of carrying out the search using fewer postcode digits. In these cases use intermediate pages to clearly define your search term if required.

Enter the first 4 digits of a postcode. If this information is clear the result will also be directly shown in this case.


The town may be entered either in its complete or partial form. Abbreviations are to be entered without additions such as *.

Example: the city of Düsseldorf can also be found by entering Düssel.

In such cases you as the user will also be helped in the clarification of your search query where necessary. As soon as the abbreviated form can be used to identify the item the result will be shown.

Should several similar courts be shown for one location (e.g. a number of district courts in Essen) the foot of the intermediate page will contain a note to this effect. This will provide the option of accessing details for each of the courts.

How can I find out the appropriate authority in more than one town?

The search for several competent courts must follow consecutively, with the link between town and court remaining clear.

For this reason several queries are required in this instance.

How can a successful search for an authority be conducted speedily?

One option is to search for the courts or authorities in one state or in one particular town. The above explanations apply regarding the entering of the placename. A second option would be to search for particular authorities.

Not all combinations are possible. For example, the selection of district courts and federal agencies is contradictory, resulting in an error message.

In the search for all courts/agencies no information on the departments in the local courts (for bankruptcy proceedings, for instance) will be given. Carry out a specific search for this information if required.